Welcome to National Special Forces LLC and Security TX Academy

Our Origin Story: Overcoming Challenges
National Special Forces LLC is a woman-owned company established in 2020 during the challenging times of the pandemic. Despite facing numerous struggles that have caused many to falter, we have emerged stronger and more determined than ever.

Our Mission: Revolutionizing the Industry
Our journey began with a clear goal in mind - to revolutionize the security industry and exemplify the power of mutual support and collaboration. We believe in creating opportunities and fostering growth.

Empowering Through Education: Security TX Academy
We took a significant step by establishing our own Security TX Academy, where individuals can enter with zero security knowledge and emerge with a deep understanding of Texas laws applicable to security officers.

Certified Excellence: Our Own Officers
Our commitment to excellence led us to certify our own officers, ensuring they are equipped to handle diverse security challenges with professionalism and expertise.

Investing in the Future: Internships and Mentorship
We prioritize the development of the young generation through internships and mentorship programs, providing them with valuable experiences and guidance to kickstart their careers in security services.

Our Core Values: Client Satisfaction and Employee Growth
Our company culture revolves around nurturing talent, encouraging innovation, and promoting a collaborative environment where every team member can thrive.
FORCE: Family - Organization - Respect - Commitment - Elevate

Embracing Challenges as Opportunities
While some may view competition as a challenge, we see it as an opportunity to learn, grow, and continually improve.

Faith-Based Commitment
As a Godly-based company, we believe in aligning our actions with our faith, seeking guidance and inspiration in every endeavor we undertake.

Join Our Team
Join us on this incredible journey and be part of our dynamic and expanding team. Together, let's serve our clients the right way and make a positive impact on the security industry.

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